The Freedom Sisterhood began as a dream of two women who knew there were many more women who rode their own bikes and they had to be missing the same thing they were...Sisterhood.  So they went to rallies to meet other women riders who wanted not only to ride together but a Family of Women with whom they could share happy times, sad times, trials and tribulations;  who didn't have to stand alone in a traditionally man's world but stand stronger together...and the Freedom Sisterhood was born.


Our  center patch is a Celtic symbol of Strength, Freedom and Equality. The three parts of the Awen, in the lower center, represents the harmony of opposites- the left and right rays symbolizing female and male energy; the center bar their harmonious balance, thus symbolizing the equality of Man and Woman. The Ravens are the symbol of Freedom and Luck and they are holding the Triskele which symbolizes Strength, Honor, and Fortitude. In Wiccan spirituality, it is also associated with Feminine Strength and Power. The interwoven, Celtic knots are the ties that bind our Sisterhood for Eternity. We believe that this embodies all that is the Freedom Sisterhood WMC.  We are a Sorority of strong, beautiful women who ride and have a love of each other and the open road.

We are a three-piece patch Sisterhood whose bonds run deeper than family and friends...We are Sisters!

~Freedom Sisterhood Forever Forever Freedom Sisterhood~